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Optimizing The Channel Ecosystem

Managing diverse channel user groups to maximize business alignment and strategic engagement is paramount. As the market evolves, customers are starting to expect a more personalized experience from sales professionals. This means shifting your focus from a transactional business model to a more diverse compliment of solutions.

Implementing a strategic channel plan across your ecosystem is crucial for the long term health of your organization. Regardless of the industry, if you don’t address and adopt change now, you’re in danger of being left behind as your competitors speed away with your business.

Get A Customized Experience

Your sales reps demand a customized experience to help them sell your solution to their customers. Rather than presenting a single, broad experience, we ensure your channel reps are receiving relevant content and the tools and promotions necessary to target their client opportunities.

Advanced Segmentation

With our advanced segmentation, your ROI is based on promotion metrics and goals strategically built on your sales goals. Our segmentation allows you to discover the most significant differences among a multitude of groups with automated statistics and analysis. We ensure that you discover hidden gems in your program and repeatable characteristics of your segments that are driving your KPIs.

Actionable Analytics

With thousands of SKUs, channel sales reps, sales transactions and incentive claims every month, your business requires a robust analytics engine to cut through the data and serve up insights on demand.

The ChannelAssist platform provides actionable insights based on data you may not currently have if you are selling through multiple levels of distribution.

Customized Dashboards

With our dashboards, reports and surveys, you can assess partner performance down to the individual rep level and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions.Our dashboards and reports help you assess partner performance and track all: Sales claims Opportunities Training activity Marketing promotions.

Easy Claim Management

Most importantly, sales claiming is a simple process for channel sales reps. Reps can easily submit claims via the platform, whether individually or in bulk. The Claims Submission form can include SKUs of eligible products, quantities, custom fields, documentation attachments, and more

Reduce Errors And Improve Claim Accuracy

Your Data gets validated during and after submission to ensure integrity. There is one interface to manage all claims manually or you can set up an automatic claims validation process. Eliminate your cumbersome claims process. Our robust and proven rewards program technology keeps sales claims moving so reps can keep selling.

Submit Claims With Ease

This proprietary technology validates each claim checking for invalid or duplicate entries to ensure program integrity and protect you against risk while making sales claiming easy for sales reps.

Get Automated

Optimize sales with a configurable channel incentive program that ensures rewards go directly to partner reps on time, keeping them motivated and selling for you! We offer more than just bandwidth to handle thousands of users by looking at every aspect of your program with an eye towards massive scaling and rapid deployment.

Optimize Your Sales

Our automated sales incentive software is scalable, configurable and designed to make it easy for reps and their companies to submit and validate claims. We have automated highly complex business processes so you can improve partner program adoption and engagement with a scalable and configurable sales claim module.

Data & Reporting

We employ a comprehensive process to score, audit, blueprint and review the progress of your channel program to ensure ongoing and lasting success. Reduce manual processes from a data and claims collection standpoint. Visualize your progress and promotion results with built-in reports.

Tap Into Front-Line Data Insights

Advance your channel strategy with direct-from-rep data, market intelligence and performance insights. By utilizing your data and making the right observations we can assist you to tailor your solutions that address specific customer business requirements, layer in support and integration, and land on a position that offers a flexible approach supporting repeat business and healthy margins.

Our platform can be integrated with your systems to give you deeper sales funnel visibility and the ability to influence the path to purchase. Our solution is built to save you time and make it easier for you to understand your performance across all of your sales channels.

Incentives, Claims & Rewards On The Go!

We ensure that your Reps can access your offerings wherever their work takes them. With our mobile apps, reps can access their rewards, submit sales claims easily and get information on promotions and incentives.

With one touch your sales reps can access eligible SKU lists, build sales claims or participate in training wherever they are.

Our user-friendly web-based platform is responsive across all devices and is accessible globally.

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Here's What Our Clients Think Of Us

“HPE ENGAGE&GROW by ChannelAssist really incentivizes people in the right way for the right behaviors. It’s a great sales driver and empowerment tool for the channel.”

- Alison Turton, Partner Business Manager

“The team at ChannelAssist is very knowledgeable and quick. Thank you!”

- Niko A., Principle

“Great service from the Customer Care team, thank you!”

- Bill V., Senior Account Manager

“Having a promotion that aligns with our strategic initiatives and that includes the entire portfolio under one incentive umbrella accelerated our success.”

- Wayne Beverly, Channel Benefits Manager

The greatest revenue increase and cumulative channel units sold came from partners that followed the training in our Blue Carpet program delivered by ChannelAssist.”

- Rose Genovese, Channel Partner Manager

“Quick response, love it!”

- Dan L., Specialist, Vendor Operations

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