Manage Your Incentive Program

Step up your incentive program and arm your reps with the foundation they need with our Essential Tier.

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On Demand Training & Promotions

Incentive Platform

Data is updated instantaneously within our channel incentive platform. This enables decision-makers to assess partner performance down to the level of individual channel reps and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions.

We automate the processing of all claims and track training, incentives, and other essential data points. This data from the Channel is combined and cleaned, reducing the number of manual processes and speeding up your go to market activities.

Data Analytics

Your channel sales reps need incentivized promotions and training to help them sell your solution to their customers. Rather than presenting a single, broad experience, we ensure your channel reps are engaged with themed and timely content and resources to close their client opportunities and an award winning reward engine that pays on time, every time.

Sales Claim Engine

Get Automated

Our automated channel sales incentive software is scalable, configurable and designed to make it easy for reps and their companies to submit and validate claims. We have automated highly complex business processes so you can improve partner program adoption and engagement with a scalable and configurable sales claim module.

Eliminate multiple steps and funnel communication, attachments, and data collection through a singular point. By creating a seamless sales claim experience, your representatives will understand intuitively how to file a claim, eliminate bottlenecks, and reduce the instances of missing info so that data will be standardized.

Using a digital Claims Submission form allows you to enter SKUs of eligible products, quantities, custom fields, documentation attachments, and other information. Everything you want and need.

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Email and Customer Support

Your Bridge to Stellar Support

With this tier, you have increased support alongside financial support. Our Customer Care team is an extension of your brand and our in-house support center specialists resolve issues quickly by phone, email and Live Chat, allowing your Sales and Management teams to focus on selling and more strategic activities.

Our program branded participant support team handles all inquiries from your channel sales reps and offers multi-language phone, email and live chat support.

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