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Work directly with our Creative Services team to design a fully customized engagement program that will drive excitement through sales incentives, promotions and contests.

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Channel Marketing Pain Points

Creating compelling and engaging marketing content

Your organization doesn't have the resources to design, create and communicate all of the various marketing strategies and tactics your channel partners and reps need to stay engaged with your brand.

Reps often don’t partake in learning, promotions, and other channel activities that have been painstakingly created. It doesn’t resonate with reps, and often they leave.

Maintaining and delivering a consistent brand message that isn't stale

Many companies fall into a routine and forget to keep things interesting. There is no fresh content to keep partners and their reps excited and motivated to sell. Simply put, it’s not fun.

Best Practices to Follow

Get Them Branded

Your direct sales reps are living your brand, but the channel partners have other companies they represent. Ensure your content has a fresh, proactive feel with the right CTA’s.

Have a consistent look and feel and ensure it is easily accessible through a simple channel program platform. Utilize a multitude of platforms, programs and communication tools to manage, deploy and track your creative content.

Channel Marketing Best Practices | ChannelAssist Solution
Discover Channel Marketing | ChannelAssist Solution

Discover the ChannelAssist Difference

Creative Services

We provide seamless access to innovative marketing services to drive rep engagement.

The experience of our creative services team allows for seamless delivery of channel programs and incentive campaigns, from concept through delivery.

Strategic Games

We leverage key gamification techniques like puzzles and challenges, and recognize and reward achievement using points, badges, leader boards and more, to encourage users to keep playing, reinforcing positive behaviour, spurring healthy competition and driving multiple interactions.

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Our Core Values


We are hyper-focused on creating dynamic and positive relationships with our customers who are the lifeblood of our business. We strive to ensure our customer are passionate promoters of our team and solution and will knock down any barriers to ensure long-term success

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Our team is dedicated, enthusiastic, curious, and we inspire each other to achieve great things. We are passionate about challenging the status quo and finding new paths to grow our company, our solution, and ourselves.

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We collaborate eagerly to solve the most pressing challenges facing our clients today. We share our industry knowledge, expertise and best practices and add it to the voice of customer to continuously improve and shape our end-to-end engagement solution.  We look for everyone to be a leader and innovator, despite roles or titles.

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Solution Oriented

We are committed, energetic and hold ourselves and each other accountable to go the extra mile to deliver results. We embrace our performance driven culture to reach new milestones and exceed our goals. We are solutions focused, resilient and tenacious, owning the work, following through on commitments, getting results.

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