Increase revenue and sales engagement through our dynamic communication tools, targeted learning and full spectrum incentives.
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Channel Engagement | ChannelAssistChannel Engagement

We engaged your reps through gamification, dynamic promotions, and incentives.

Customer Care | ChannelAssistCustomer Care

We look after your reps by providing the support they need

Channel Sales | ChannelAssistChannel Sales

Take your incentive program to the next level with targeted and dynamic promotions.

Sales Claims | ChannelAssistSales Claims

Drive Rep performance with our interactive dashboards, reports & surveys.

Training & Education | ChannelAssistTraining & Education

Get prescriptive learning strategies to increase product understanding and create confident sales reps.

Rewards & SPIFs | ChannelAssistRewards & SPIFs

From reloadable cards to merchandise. We help you develop and implement an incentive strategy that works for you.

Our Clients

A Channel Management Platform that Delivers Growth

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Advanced tracking

With thousands of SKUs, channel sales reps, sales transactions and incentive claims every month, your business requires a robust analytics engine to cut through the data and serve up insights on demand

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In-depth monitoring

Our dashboards and reports help you assess partner performance and track all sales claims, opportunities, training activity, and marketing promotions

Channel platform Custome report. ChannelAssist
Channel Management Platform custom report, ChannelAssist

Make Great Decisions with Custom Reports

With our dashboards, reports and surveys, you can assess partner performance down to the individual rep level and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions


Increased in Rep Acquisition on Average


Increased Revenue Over Target on Average


Increased Engagement on Average

Drive engagement through our award winning platform configured to align with your unique requirements to achieve 100% of your business objectives

Channelassist platform Reward planChannelassist platform Essential planChannelassist platform Accelerate planChannelassist platform Enterprise plan

Pay your Reps

  • Reloadable Reward Card
  • Direct Payout through Payment Portal
  • Float Management
  • Funds Request
  • Yearly Taxation
  • Standard Data Extracts
  • Email Customer Support
Discover Reward Tier
Channel Platform for Enterprise -ChannelAssist Reward

Manage Your Incentive Program

Includes Reward
  • White Label Incentive Portal
  • Individual Sales Claim Engine with Validation
  • Education Modules
  • Promotion Modules
  • Training Modules
  • Access to Amazon Rewards
  • OOTB Data Extracts
  • Email & Chat Customer Support
Discover Essential
Channel Platform for Enterprise -ChannelAssist Essential

Scale With Greater Flexibility

Includes + Essential + Reward
  • Branded Incentive Portal
  • SSO Integration
  • Bulk Sales Claim Engine with AI Validation
  • Recognition Incentive Program
  • Badges & Leaderboards
  • Gamification Modules (2 per Quarter)
  • Email, Chat & Call Customer Support
Discover Accelerate
Channel Platform for Enterprise -ChannelAssist Accelerate

100% Customizable

Includes Accelerate + Essential + Reward
  • Charity & Merchandise Rewards
  • Customizable Claim Types
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Data Extracts
  • Gamification Modules (5 per Quarter)
  • Multi-Regional Customer Support
  • Custom Themed Portal
Discover Enterprise
Channel Platform for Enterprise -ChannelAssist Enterprise

We can solve any Channel Challenge

Revenue being left on the table

ChannelAssist takes our customers objectives and creates an incentive plan that will engage indirect channel salespeople, driving more opportunities and answering the all-important question “why should I sell your product?”.

Not enough resources to DIY

ChannelAssist takes the burden of running an incentive program with no additional customer resources required. We work with our clients to determine the best solution & plan that incents the activities that meet their specific business goals and objectives.

Low Channel sales rep engagement

ChannelAssist will help engage your sales reps with a combination of new and innovative promotions combined with meaningful training and quick payouts to ensure the level of engagement that consistently drives revenue.

No understanding of Program ROI

Our segmentation allows you to discover the most significant differences among a multitude of groups with automated statistics and analysis. We ensure that you discover hidden gems in your program that are driving your KPIs.

Partners aren't selling your brand

Channel sales reps are attracted to partners that present clear, obtainable, and fair incentives. Extend your current partner management coverage leveraging the ChannelAssist platform, where we proactively engage channel reps to drive increased sales participation.

Limited or no 1:1 communication

We have designed our platform so you can communicate with your salespeople regularly and easily. Messages can be targeted to specific audiences, via email, social channels and newsletters which ensures relevancy and makes it possible to see delivery, open, and CTR.

Lack of data to support decisions

The ChannelAssist platform provides actionable insights based on data you may not currently have if you are selling through multiple levels of distribution. Our dashboards and reports help you assess partner performance.

Financial management and governance

A compelling reason to outsourcing Channel incentives is to improve tracking and visibility into where reward dollars and Program costs are going, right down to the rep, SKU, behavior and redemption level.

Recognized by

Customer story

"The easiest, most recognized and valuable incentive program in the market." Thanks John Cammalleri for your partnership, words and support in making HP Blue Carpet a success with ChannelAssist Inc.

Here's What Our Clients Think Of Us

HPE ENGAGE&GROW really incentivizes people in the right way for the right behaviors. It’s a great sales driver and empowerment tool for the channel.”

- Alison Turton, Partner Business Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Logo

“The team at ChannelAssist is knowledgeable and quick! Thank you!”

- Niko A., Principle
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Logo

“Great service from the Customer Care team, thank you!”

- Bill V., Senior Account Manager
HP Logo

“Having a promotion that aligns with our strategic initiatives and that includes the entire portfolio under one incentive umbrella accelerated our success.”

- Wayne Beverly, Channel Benefits Manager
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Logo

The greatest revenue increase and cumulative channel units sold came from partners that followed the training in our Blue Carpet program delivered by ChannelAssist.”

- Rose Genovese, Channel Partner Manager
HP Logo

“Quick response, love it!”

- Dan L., Specialist, Vendor Operations
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