We drive billions of dollars
through the Channel

Handle Your Claims with Clarity

Easy Submission
Our platform streamlines, standardizes, and customizes claims efficiently.

Improve accuracy and reduce errors
Ensure data integrity with manual and automated validation and processing.

Effortlessly Track
Through auditing and AI, we ensure transparency and fairness.

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Crystal Clear Incentives

Flexible Reward Options
Choose what you want! We provide custom prepaid cards and manage merchandise, travel, investments, and more!

Incentive Strategy
We design incentive plans to engage reps, drive opportunities, and answer, "Why should I sell your product?"

We track dollars earned right down to the rep, SKU, behavior and redemption, to optimize visibility and compliance.

Gift Cards
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Insights in Clear Focus

Data and reporting
Ensure success with our comprehensive auditing and progress review. Reduce manual tasks and visualize results.

Get in-sync
Integrate our platform for deeper sales funnel visibility and influence on the purchase path.

Real Time Data
Data is updated instantaneously. This enables you to assess partner performance down to the individual reps.

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Seamless Engagement

Online Learning
Launch modules, including introductions, learning objectives, chapters, resources, and quizzes. Measure and track the impact on sales results.

Employ fun, gamified and learning strategies to increase product understanding and create confident sales reps who lead with your brand.

In-depth monitoring
Incorporate real-time progress monitoring and feedback to motivate reps and boost sales. Use our dashboards and reports to assess individual performance.

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Streamline Promotions

Dynamic Promotions
Easily add innovative sales promos anytime. Run multiple promotions to boost engagement, personalize for specific audiences, and achieve your goals.

Tailored Promotions
We can design a custom engagement program or choose from hundreds of ready-made templates for sales incentives, promotions, and contests.

Value Optimization
Optimization is a continuous process that identifies improvement areas and drives change, turning your business data into actionable insights.

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Our Clients

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Our goal is to make it easier for companies that use sales reps to sell their products or services. We offer a single platform that helps with everything from training and managing to paying and rewarding.

We can solve any Channel Challenge

Drive engagement through our award winning platform configured to align with your unique requirements to achieve 100% of your business objectives

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Pay your Reps

  • Reloadable Reward Card
  • Direct Payout through Payment Portal
  • Float Management
  • Funds Request
  • Yearly Taxation
  • Standard Data Extracts
  • Email Customer Support
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Reward Tools for Sales Reps

Manage Your Incentive Program

Includes Reward

  • White Label Incentive Portal
  • Individual Sales Claim Engine with Validation
  • Education Modules
  • Promotion Modules
  • Training Modules
  • Access to Amazon Rewards
  • Email & Chat Customer Support
Discover Essential Tier
Claim Application for Sales Reps

Scale With Greater Flexibility

Includes + Essential + Reward

  • Branded Incentive Portal
  • SSO Integration
  • Bulk Sales Claim Engine with AI Validation
  • Recognition Incentive Program
  • Badges & Leaderboards
  • Gamification Modules (2 per Quarter)
  • Email, Chat & Call Customer Support
Discover Accelerate Tier
Mobile Ready Channel Incentive Program

100% Customizable

Includes Accelerate + Essential + Reward

  • Charity & Merchandise Rewards
  • Customizable Claim Types
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Data Extracts
  • Gamification Modules (5 per Quarter)
  • Multi-Regional Customer Support
  • Custom Themed Portal
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Custom Channel Incentive Program Portal

Recognized By


"And we've seen a significant increase. I think it's over 40% engagement because people are now there's something in it for them. It's not financial, but it is a recognition. And at the end of the day, I think we all like to be recognized for what we're doing."

- Roseann Genovese
HP Worldwide Program Manager- Loyalty & Engagement- Strategy & Execution Lead

Here's What Our Clients Think Of Us

HPE ENGAGE&GROW really incentivizes people in the right way for the right behaviors. It’s a great sales driver and empowerment tool for the channel.”

- Alison Turton, Partner Business Manager
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“The team at ChannelAssist is knowledgeable and quick! Thank you!”

- Niko A., Principle
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“Great service from the Customer Care team, thank you!”

- Bill V., Senior Account Manager
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“Having a promotion that aligns with our strategic initiatives and that includes the entire portfolio under one incentive umbrella accelerated our success.”

- Wayne Beverly, Channel Benefits Manager
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The greatest revenue increase and cumulative channel units sold came from partners that followed the training in our Blue Carpet program delivered by ChannelAssist.”

- Rose Genovese, Channel Partner Manager
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“Quick response, love it!”

- Dan L., Specialist, Vendor Operations
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