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Our Financial Management processes are configurable to meet your business requirements and financial controls, while ensuring timely Program payouts.

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Easy Financial Management

What's in their wallet?

A compelling reason to outsourcing Channel incentives is to improve tracking and visibility into where reward dollars and Program costs are going.

Having a stack of gift cards in a drawer or asking Account Managers to put it on their expense report, no longer satisfies audit.

Financial stakeholders appreciate that we track dollars earned right down to the rep, SKU, behavior and redemption, to optimize visibility and compliance.

To satisfy our partners around the world we offer a multitude of payment options in each market you serve all while reducing fraud and disputes with payment strategies that fit your company’s risk tolerance.

Take The Burden Out Of Taxes

There is a worldwide collective groan when tax season arrives. The accuracy of claims is critical when issuing tax information, which is especially important when you have many reps.

When processing large volumes of claims you cannot afford to issue tax slips late, or worse, make it nearly impossible and a convoluted maze of steps for your reps to receive them.

With ChannelAssist being tax compliant, our clients have the peace of mind that personal tax information is securely collected, W9s stored, earning calculated, tax slips issued on time and properly reported on their behalf.

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We are hyper-focused on creating dynamic and positive relationships with our customers who are the lifeblood of our business. We strive to ensure our customer are passionate promoters of our team and solution and will knock down any barriers to ensure long-term success

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Our team is dedicated, enthusiastic, curious, and we inspire each other to achieve great things. We are passionate about challenging the status quo and finding new paths to grow our company, our solution, and ourselves.

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We collaborate eagerly to solve the most pressing challenges facing our clients today. We share our industry knowledge, expertise and best practices and add it to the voice of customer to continuously improve and shape our end-to-end engagement solution.  We look for everyone to be a leader and innovator, despite roles or titles.

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Solution Oriented

We are committed, energetic and hold ourselves and each other accountable to go the extra mile to deliver results. We embrace our performance driven culture to reach new milestones and exceed our goals. We are solutions focused, resilient and tenacious, owning the work, following through on commitments, getting results.

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