We are ChannelAssist

We take the burden of running an engaging incentive program off the hands of our clients, with no additional customer resources required.

And at the core of it all, you’ll find us working in the background, planning, developing, designing, and shaping the way channel reps and business interact with our engagement platform.

Get The Pulse Of Your Channel Sales Program

Management can’t cover all channel sales reps by meeting once or twice a year with limited engagement.

Extend your current program coverage by leveraging the ChannelAssist platform where we proactively engage your reps to sell to their customers by following your strategic process with our end-to-end development and management of channel incentive programs.

We Are Your Channel Sales Champions

Your program is great hands with dedicated program management specialists, allowing you to focus on business critical activities.

Our Customer Success team supports all aspects of your program including:

Weekly 1-hour Momentum Calls
Channel Strategy Input and Consultation
Dedicated Program Liaison
Execution of Program Engagement
Content Updates

With over 20+ years of proven revenue driving results we will reduce the cost of program management/maintenance by decreasing staff down to 1 person and access to coordinators to ensure daily & time sensitive deadlines are met.

Global Scope

Our solution has been used to positively impact hundreds of thousands of channel sales reps and generate millions of sales transactions and sales claims around the world.

We deploy programs in any language and geographic location and with our scalable technology, we offer comprehensive incentive, financial process automation and digital channel ecosystem capabilities to partners around the globe.

Innovative Marketing Services

We provide seamless access to innovative creative services to drive rep engagement.You have the flexibility to work directly with our Creative Services team to design a fully customized engagement program or choose from hundreds of ready made templates for sales incentives, promotions and contests.

We Provide The Following Creative Marketing Services:

  • 1-on-1 Consultation
  • Theme and Branding Strategy & Design
  • Copywriting
  • Royalty Free Photography
  • Graphic Design and Editing
  • Website and Printable Templates
  • Email Templates and Deployment
  • Promotional Videos
  • Social Media Account Management

We utilize a multitude of platforms, programs and communication tools to manage, deploy and track your creative content.

Dig Deeper Into Your Channel Data

Whether your business goal is lead development, sales execution, brand reach, revenue growth or all of the above, we value engineer successful channel partner programs to achieve your desired outcomes through:

Value Realization

We quantify impactful improvement, identify enabling solutions and build strategies for action into your program.We help you solidify your objectives, define KPIs, delineate measurements and assign accountability – all to drive goals achievement.

Value Optimization

We enable you to measure program performance and gain a complete picture of your channel business to accelerate successes.

Hyper Onboarding

At ChannelAssist we will follow the proven 5-in-1 approach to help us gather all the information upfront for an early implementation strategy. This approach includes sales, business, technical, finance, and legal workshops so that we gather and document in the most time efficient way.  

During the workshops vital information including Program data, sales and business information, financial and marketing details will be collected from Client stakeholders and subject matter experts.

Our Hyper Onboarding will be conducted within 3 weeks with a guarantee of ChannelAssist delivering the Business Requirements Document (BRD) within 5 business days of completing all workshops.

Easy Financial Management

A compelling reason to outsourcing Channel incentives is to improve tracking and visibility into where reward dollars and Program costs are going. Having a stack of gift cards in a drawer or asking Account Managers to put it on their expense report, no longer satisfies audit.

Financial stakeholders appreciate that we track dollars earned right down to the rep, SKU, behavior and redemption, to optimize visibility and compliance.

Our Financial Management processes are configurable to meet your business requirements and financial controls, while ensuring timely Program payouts. We eliminate painful visits from the Audit Police!

Take The Burden Out Of Taxes

It’s simple, anything given to a Channel Partner employee is considered a taxable earning. With ChannelAssist being tax compliant, our clients have the peace of mind that personal tax information is securely collected, W9s stored, earning calculated, tax slips issued on time and properly reported on their behalf.

Everything is supported by our Participant Support Team, so that you don’t have to worry or lift a finger. No need to avoid or fear the tax man anymore!

Customer Care Personified

Stop wasting valuable Sales and Marketing time doing participant support! It’s important that Partner reps feel like they are going right to the source when making a Program inquiry. A friendly voice, a quick response, the right answers all combine to ensure Participant retention and continued trust in the Program.  
Answering as your brand, our in-house support center specialists achieve the highest level of Participant satisfaction. They build program knowledge and resolve issues quickly by phone, email and Live Chat, allowing your Sales and Management teams to focus on selling and more strategic activities.

Our program branded participant support team handles all inquiries from your channel sales reps and offers multi-language phone, email and live chat support.

Dedicated Phone & Email Participant Support
Claim Validation
Escalation & Claim Management
24-7 Support based on Geography

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Here's What Our Clients Think Of Us

“ HPE ENGAGE&GROW by ChannelAssist really incentivizes people in the right way for the right behaviors. It’s a great sales driver and empowerment tool for the channel.”

- Alison Turton, Partner Business Manager

“The team at ChannelAssist is very knowledgeable and quick. Thank you!”

- Niko A., Principle

“Great service from the Customer Care team, thank you!”

- Bill V., Senior Account Manager

“Having a promotion that aligns with our strategic initiatives and that includes the entire portfolio under one incentive umbrella accelerated our success.”

- Wayne Beverly, Channel Benefits Manager

The greatest revenue increase and cumulative channel units sold came from partners that followed the training in our Blue Carpet program delivered by ChannelAssist.”

- Rose Genovese, Channel Partner Manager

“Quick response, love it!”

- Dan L., Specialist, Vendor Operations

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