July 26, 2021

PRESS RELEASE - ChannelAssist recognized for best Channel Partner Program

ChannelAssist wins the 2021 Killer Content Award in Channel Partner Program Category by developing an award-winning, results-driven incentive program for HP Inc.

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TORONTO, ONT., July 26, 2021 – ChannelAssist Inc — a channel incentive company that helps organizations reimagine the endless possibilities within their channel by providing end-to-end rep engagement with a unified global platform - announced today that it was named a winner in the Channel Partner Program category of Demand Gen Report’s 2021 Killer Content Awards. ChannelAssist earned this prestigious award with GEM Club, an annual incentive program that rewards and recognizes thousands of HP Inc. channel reps every year.

“This is a significant achievement for our entire organization to be recognized by industry leaders such as Demand Gen Report for our content strategy”, said Richard Stevens, President, ChannelAssist. “There are so many talented people in every department that had a hand in creating, designing, building, caring for and managing this annual program for HP Inc.”

This award-winning, results-driven incentive program for HP Inc., increased channel rep engagement, built a community of loyal channel sales reps and drove higher sales across North America with strategic partner groups.

The main challenge to HP Inc. was to centralize activities within their existing Blue Carpet community and go to market with one voice. Additionally, HP Inc., wanted to ensure flexibility in addressing the unique business needs and objectives of its diverse product lines and partners.

To support HP Inc., ChannelAssist developed GEM Club, an annual incentive program that rewards and recognizes channel reps for their pre- and post-sales activities. It also allowed opportunities to track continuous engagement with the brand through program participation.

Within GEM Club, channel reps earned nonmonetary GEMS for completing in-program activities such as product trainings and submitting sales claims. These counted towards monthly prizes and a grand prize trip to top achievers.

To create momentum within the program and build a program community, GEM Club was promoted through a robust omni-channel campaign through various channels including social media, promotions, trainings, surveys, and events. The online platform also utilized a series of dashboards and leaderboards to accelerate competition.

GEM Club was hugely successful, resulting in:

• Activating over 2,900 participants

• Awarding more than 2 MILLION GEMS

• Increasing HP Blue Carpet social media followers by 550%

• An average engagement rate of 84% for GEM Club videos available exclusively on the HP Blue Carpet program site!

With GEM Club, additional program activity engagement levels also increased with a 135% YoY increase in case study submissions, 40% YoY growth in overall Blue Carpet program participation and MoM increases as high as 120% in sales claim submissions. Additionally, it strengthened strategic alliance partnerships by achieving sales objectives.

“Gem Club is an integral part of our strategy at HP Inc., to engage, incent and reward our channel reps through HP Blue Carpet” said Roseann Genovese, N.A. Channel Program Manager for HP Inc. “The greatest revenue increase and cumulative channel units sold came from partners that followed the training and participated in our Blue Carpet program delivered by ChannelAssist.”

Learn more about the 2021 Killer Content Awards here:


In todays interconnected global economy, the ability to engage and empower your channel sales team is essential. Creating seamless and meaningful connections between your reps and customers is mission critical for success. For over 20 years, our experts have developed, managed, and delivered channel incentive programs through our digital ecosystem by optimizing data and user engagement at the core of our channel strategy.

Our mission is to unlock your businesses highest revenue potential through the channel. We create unique experiences with applications, training and programs to connect reps with your products and services, supported by seamless claim submission and customer care support 24/7.

We build digital journeys across a multitude of systems in the cloud and across mobile devices to ensure your community of channel reps is active, connected and engaged wherever they are, across the globe. We don’t just empower reps and partners, but we provide your managers with a platform integrated seamlessly into your system with deep data intelligence and reporting that gives you unified visibility to pivot quickly and make strategic business decisions.

And at the core of it all, you’ll find us working in the background, planning, developing, designing, and shaping the way channel reps and business interact with our engagement platform. Building meaningful and seamless connections in a digital ecosystem is what we do best.

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