Never Leave A Channel Sales Rep Behind

To ensure a proactive and empowered channel that delivers results, you need to ensure they are trained, incented and rewarded with timely incentive programs built in a strategic engagement ecosystem.  

Get Ready For Channel Incentive Take-Off

Take your incentive program to the next level with targeted and dynamic promotions. ChannelAssist designs, executes, manages and measures promotions to take the day to day burden out of our client’s hands while providing the necessary visibility to ensure success for your core performers.

Innovative Strategy & Design

ChannelAssist takes our clients objectives and creates an incentive program plan that will engage indirect channel salespeople, driving more opportunities and answering the all-important question, “why should I sell your product?”

Get Interactive With Your Sales Incentive Promotions

Soar to the top with interactive leaderboards, personal dashboards and team standings.  Our real time progress bars targets goals achieved and rewards earned.

Engage, Empower & Manage Incentive Program Performance

We believe that to engage a sales rep you must continually run a combination of new and innovative promotions combined with standard promotions to get and maintain the level of engagement that consistently drives revenue. Using customer objectives, ChannelAssist designs, executes, manage and measures promotions to take the day to day burden out of our client’s hands while providing the necessary visibility to ensure success.

Full-Spectrum Incentives

Maximize revenue with sales incentives that offer exciting experiences, merchandise and cash spiffs to appeal to today’s multi-generational workforce, keep sales momentum high and engagement optimized.

Innovative sales promotions can be added to your program easily at any point. You can even run multiple promotions at the same time to maximize engagement, participation and help you meet specific product sales objectives by personalizing the promotion for a specific audience.

Our sales incentive programs allow you to deliver content quickly and easily while measuring its impact. This ensures your Reps are engaged and keeping your brand top of mind.

Channel Engagement Blueprint

ChannelAssist takes our customers objectives and creates an incentive plan that will engage indirect channel sales people, driving more opportunities and answering the most important question for your organization "why should I sell your product?"

Engaging the channel is different than motivating your own workforce. You need to inspire your channel partners to sell your products and services, over and above those of your competitors – who will also be clamoring for attention. 

Your priority needs to be ensuring they are incentivised to concentrate on your offerings and equipped to provide a best practice service when it comes to selling them.

Targeted Training Delivers Massive Results

Employ fun, gamified and prescriptive learning strategies to increase product understanding and create confident sales reps who lead with your brand. Training can be utilized for Reps to participate in promotions or can reward them upon successful completion.

ChannelAssist will create and deploy incentivized training within the platform that motivates Reps and arms them with the product knowledge required to drive additional growth for your organization.

Prescriptive Training Modules

Launch online learning, testing and certification with prescriptive learning modules and measure and track the impact directly on sales results. Each self-study module contains an introduction, learning objectives, content chapters, additional resources and a quiz.

Video, Video, And More Video

ChannelAssist provides a personalized and branded video training site where you can host a multitude of your product overview videos with interactive content fully managed by our customer success team.

Get 1 On 1 Communication

The ChannelAssist platform allows you to distribute information channel wide with channel partner sales reps selling to the end-user customers with product announcements, exciting promotions, and new sales tools.

We have designed our platform so you can communicate with your salespeople regularly and easily. Messages can be targeted to specific audiences, via email, social channels and newsletters which ensures relevancy and makes it possible to see delivery, open, and CTR.

Eliminate Channel Communication Barriers

Our objective is to help you develop 1 to 1 relationships through personalized channel communications with all of your Reps and get your mission critical communications out quickly. From upcoming events to sales follow up, ChannelAssist provides a level of communication sales reps need, to maintain a high level of engagement and drive sales upwards.

Incentives Gamified

Organizations are applying gamification to both direct and channel sales incentive programs as a fresh and fun way to deliver business content while greatly improving retention and overall engagement.

We incorporate real-time progress monitoring and feedback to incent reps to perform at higher levels, while at the same time building loyalty and providing individualized motivation and training to deliver higher sales revenues.

The application of game thinking and game mechanics – including features like points, levels and other incentives positively affects Rep behavior.

Deliver Fresh Content To Your Stars

Organizations are applying gamification to both direct and channel sales incentive programs as a fresh and fun way to deliver business content while greatly improving retention and overall engagement.

By incorporating dashboards, leader boards and engaging elements your Reps can follow their progress in real time and know when they have hit their individual and team goals in a fun and interactive environment.

Flexible Reward Options

Rewards can include re-loadable reward cards which are branded to your program. Our re-loadable prepaid cards include a multitude of merchant options that provide the user with the broadest spending choice after hitting sales targets with replacement card protection, and 24/7 cardholder support.

Other options are merchandise, travel, investments and, of course, your companies’ products.

Earn Incentive Rewards With Ease

Studies show that using only monetary rewards will eventually lose its effect, ChannelAssist recommends a blend of rewards to increase engagement among sales performers and their peers. Our platform enables Reps to accrue various point values and rewards that will engage and empower them to sell your product or solution.

Manage Your Reward Budget The Right Way

Rewards can be the deciding factor between selling one product over another. Program rules should be created with desired Rep behaviors in mind in order for you to hit your revenue goals. ChannelAssist will help you navigate the right reward spend ensuring a strategic budget based on revenue projections.

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Here's What Our Clients Think Of Us

“Engage & Grow by ChannelAssist really incentivizes people in the right way for the right behaviors. It’s a great sales driver and empowerment tool for the channel.”

- Alison Turton, Partner Business Manager

“Having a promotion that aligns with our strategic initiatives and that includes the entire portfolio under one incentive umbrella accelerated our success.”

- Wayne Beverly, Channel Benefits Manager

The greatest revenue increase and cumulative channel units sold came from partners that followed the training in our Blue Carpet program delivered by ChannelAssist.”

- Rose Genovese, Channel Partner Manager

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